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"A soul-searching memoir...Poetic prose...illuminates important themes of identity." - Kirkus Review

Independence Park: A Fiction

This short story appeared in the anthology Where We Find Ourselves (SUNYPress)

Praise for Apples of the Earth

"Her leaps of imagination are startling: in one deft instant, she can connect commonplace objects to motions of the spirit and the heart. Her tone is everywhere sure and clear, the voice of a born poet."

--Lynne Sharon Schwartz

"In Apples of the Earth Elenbogen is a poet who lives in several worlds at once... living in Chicago she is also in Jerusalem, living in her home she is also far away in Africa.

She is a poet who can write about love without embarrassment because for her “love survived in the middle of everything.” With these poems love survives for us as well."

--Rodger Kamenetz

Exile: Losing the Motherland

Dina Elenbogen describes how it feels to lose the motherland.