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Independence Park: A Fiction

Dina Elenbogen's short story about postpartum depression, exile, longing for home is the larger story of Jewish Palestinian exile.
from Where We Find Ourselves: Jewish Women around the World Write About Home ed. by Deborah Nodler Rosen and Miriam Ben- Yoseph SUNY, 2009.

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The Arab in Independence Park says I am a mistrustful woman. He knows this by the way I clench my fist, wrap my arms around my stomach, and look everywhere but into his eyes. I did not invite him to share this park bench with me nor did I tell him that last week I buried my mother near the Mt. of Olives. I do not tell him it is the noise on the border or the way I fall too quickly in love when I turn Jerusalem corners, that has made me the way that I am.
from Independence Park: A Fiction